I think that I speak for many people when I tell that matcha is something quite new for me. I have heard the word spoken, I have heard the recipes and of course, there is this famous Starbucks drink, that I never got around to trying for some reason. So, when I finally gave in and decided to research what matcha actually is I was pleasantly surprised. Every description describes this miracle product so well that I gave in and ordered some of the KissmeOrganics Culinary grade matcha. The price for such a small amount threw me off a little, but here’s is my verdict. Worth. Every. Penny. As Amazon’s #1 Matcha seller, I’m not surprised that KissMeOrganics has a good price relative to its quality. The packaging is nice and the quality of the matcha is exactly what you would expect.

KissmeOrganics Culinary grade matcha is a very tasty product, in my opinion. It has a very particular, a little big grassy taste to it. It is really hard to describe it, but it both the smell and taste is awesome. I have used it on its own, as tea and in my lattes so far. I really enjoyed both options. If you add some sweetener it will taste even better, as for me, I have the biggest sweet tooth. To reduce the amount of sugar intake I tried Stevia and coconut milk with it and I have to say that I fell in love with the version with coconut milk. But here, you should really cater to your own taste. And lucky for you, KissmeOrganics Culinary grade matcha is a very versatile product and can be used as a Japanese tea on its own, with your late, with milk, in smoothies and it can be used as a spice and as a key ingredient in doughs. I DO prefer this tea mixed with other ingredients such as in a latte or shake rather than drinking it just as is. This is only because I’ve tried ceremonial grade tea, which has a much sweeter and less bitter taste (check out my review here) but with some sugar or stevia, drinking it straight is still pretty damn good.

Being a child of the Internet it is very hard for me to wake up in the mornings. So coffee was my everything. Now in its place, with a much bigger rate of success, has been taken with matcha tea. What I’ve noticed from drinking this matcha is that the energy is both long lasting and constant, with no crash, which is what I got from coffee. I didn’t need to refuel for the entire day and I didn’t nod off even once. This must be my personal record.

The way it gives you energy and wakes you up is absolutely incredible and it is on the brink of reality. I don’t want to overpraise this product, but I think that after you have tried it you will agree with me. I highly recommend you to get KissmeOrganics Culinary grade matcha and experiment with this super product.

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An In-Depth Look at KissMeOrganics Culinary Matcha

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