Gram for gram, sources indicate that Matcha is one of the best antioxidants in nature. Bursting with health benefits, it’s the future of tea. Interest for Matcha has already tripled in most countries across the globe over the past few years itself. In the form of tea, it gets you the caffeine kick and the antioxidants of a powerful ingredient that was well guarded by the Japanese for all these years. If you are a health nut who has already swapped his/her daily espressos to Matcha, let’s review the top Matcha product to buy online.

Zen Spirit Matcha

A total wellness beverage that has been road-tested by truckloads of people, sipping Zen Spirit Matcha tea is one of the best ways to kick start your day and to immune boost your system. Formulated from the finest leaves available on the face of the planet, this brightly green super food offers royal health benefits. That being said, it’s not the cheapest Matcha out there for the packet size that you get. 30 grams of premium Matcha costs $34.50. Given the price, it may seem pretty expensive, but it does pack a punch. So, don’t get fooled by the small package. A small
packet can go a long way. The best part is that it’s sugar-free, gluten-free, completely vegan and organic. The zippered seal keeps the powder fresh for every use. Moreover, it works well with milk, water, smoothie or just about any other beverage. So, it can be incorporated into anyone’s life without too much of a legwork. The best Matcha for value is rare and few. Zen Spirit Matcha doesn’t disappoint. Also, Zen has many other Matcha products that they sell including a full tea set and different grades of Matcha. You are sure to love all the antioxidants that you will be getting without compromising on the aroma and taste. It’s organic, it’s healthy, and it’s the best. Right off the bat, it’s one of the best Matcha brands to buy.

Kenko Matcha

A premium grade of Matcha that has been 100% USDA certified, Kenko Matcha is a Melbourne based company that works directly with Matcha producers in Japan to deliver the best Matcha out there. With an earthy aroma and a slightly better taste than its top competitors, Kenko Matcha is a hit in the flavor and aroma department. It has super fine texture, subtle sweetness and it dissolves very well. It can be added to cakes, smoothies, and chocolates or can be drunk as a tea. Simply add, stir it up, and enjoy the delicacy. The fact that it’s produced from the ground up from the entire tea leaf as opposed to being made from the liquid gathered by steeping the green leaves, it offers more health benefits than a traditional green tea. So far, Kenko Matcha has been reviewed by thousands of users. For the most part, the majority of the customer reviews about Kenko Matcha have been extremely positive. As a matter of fact, Kenko Tea’s founder often responds to the questions posted by consumers online. The cost for 30 grams of Kenko’s premium Matcha is $34.50. But if you’re a first time buyer – they take off $5.

Kiss Me Organic Matcha

With a price of $29 for 30 grams of their premium (aka ceremonial) Matcha, KissMeOrganics has one of the best prices in the industry. This organic powder is available in a variety of forms. The color and flavor is premium grade as its top counterparts from the same spectrum. The tea never fails to deliver a rich and silky texture with every sip. With slow all day release; it’s the best way to get all day focus, energy and concentration without the presence of any chemicals. The product is harvested from a family run farm that has been in the business since 1915. Kiss Me Organic Matcha has been certified organic since 2000. One doesn’t have to bother about authenticity since the product is derived from an authentic source, Japan. They mix well with almost everything, so they are easy to work with. At first look, it might appear that the package size does not justify the cost. However, you won’t need too much of this product because it’s very concentrated and smooth. The flavor is a bit bitter due to the presence of high antioxidants. So, you might want to use some natural sweeteners to take care of the bitter taste.

So, where to buy Matcha?

The best place to get Matcha is from a reputable online store. As long as the product arrives well packaged and undamaged, it will make all your mornings enjoyable. With Matcha around you won’t have to be a fan of Starbucks anymore, unless you want to cast a blind eye towards your wallet. Really, you don’t even need to be a food scientist to choose the best between the two. Matcha can win by a landslide.

Top 3 Matcha Brands to Consider For 2017

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